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I Heart Freights

I'm the fire man she just call me when she steamin

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that GO! and Goose freight is like a week old...


when I went to go get better flicks of it a cop rolled up in the parkin lot but he didnt see me cause these big ass hills but then I came over the hills and he seen me and asked what I was doin and shit and I said takin pictures of the trains and he's like the graffiti? i'm like yeah he's like you aint doin the graffiti are you? i'm like naw he's like yeah you don't look like the person to do it i'm just agreein with him like yeah...I laughed after he got done talkin to me...what does a graffiti writer look like? hah i'm a wigger so yeah haha...he thought I was tryin to steal shit from it or somethin...he was cool though...he could of got me for tresspassin right there but he was cool and let me go...

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I met a cool ass railfan today too he went by the name choo choo johnny hah he was talkin my head off askin me if i'm a rail buff i'm like yeah so maybe he'd leave me alone but he didnt...I finally told him I was flickin the graffiti on the trains...he told me a spot to go to to flick some graffiti but I don't really know where he was talkin about...he's in a rail club and collected trains and shit he's like yeah my wife hates it and I love it...real cool guy...

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I met some graffiti writers today too they was ridin there bikes and shit and came up to me while I was flickin shit and one of the kids is like just by curiosity do you write and i'm like yeah and we started talkin and shit...the kids were on my nuts like I was someone big but I felt like a big tymer cause when we was talkin one of my freights rolled by and they said they seen one of my freights rollin about a week ago haha...man I love benchin!

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