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  1. one day i will visit my family there and get down on some passenger trains and seek out localfreight trains there and bash em. word!
  2. that aint gutso....thats the fake guts.
  3. wow. Dkops. a fucking snitch toy. what a faggot.
  4. Houston writers suck dicks.
  5. and another thing, you fags should do your homework before you start painting.
  6. There is an old school TVC freight crew that's been around forever. Why do all you toys in Houston think its cool to bite and rip shit off and be completely unoriginal? That is fucking wack and noone wants to see your bullshit toy ass graffiti except for all the other one hit wonder toys that you're friends with. This thread has officially become crap. Houston has become a Toy infested city. fuck ya'll.
  7. wow. houston has turned into an even bigger shithole. someone post some flicks that aren't fucking toy.
  8. when they remenicse over you.....my god!!!!! .......cause my biological didnt bother!
  9. yo son......whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat whaaaaaaa...nice and long!! whaaaaaaat?????? nice post, word sooooooooooooooooooooooon!
  10. yo that man writes fondle.... thats the weirdest name i ever did hear!
  11. ruin toys lives???? yo thats the funniest piece i have even seen. on a ferromex too....gee wonder where you did that one??/? navi???? hhahahahaha thought so!!!
  12. there is already a Sien. Sien5. he's ben around probably longer than you have been alive. know your history toys.
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