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  1. chill man, if theres one thing cops hate more than graffiti its getting their cover blown.
  2. unless you match up color schemes and continue the background and everything, then its cool
  3. definitely pushing boundaries with the numbers before the name. i respect that
  4. RIP herman hesse (conrail twitty) pleae do not paint over these
  5. hhaha yo i like your sense of humor. we need more guys like you on this forum with that "im fed up with all the bullshit ive been in the game for so long" jaded sarcastic vibe. its really really humorous. especially when you talk about ocult. talk about ocult more! hey, what do you write if you dont mind me asking? we should get up and be sarcastic together. Oh and bro i know its rough when you take all this time out of your day to take nice flicks and post them on the forum and not only do people not give you props for the flicks, they give props to people that repost, and dont even take their own flicks! WTF? Look yall, if youre not out there hittin the street, the bridges, the freights with your camera, youre toy. POST EM UP! long live graffiti pictures!
  6. is this really goest or someone with a great sense of humor? if it is goest, i wouldnt call it retirement. that implies that you had a "career"...you were more of an intern that didnt work out.
  7. i guess you're gonna need to beat up everyone thats ever painted a caboose then. ...thats a lot of people.
  8. and if another writer really bothers you just ignore their shit and if people ever bring up that writer say "ive never heard of that "
  9. haha whitecourtesytelephone and androidx should make a split 7" together. i like how that dude used "the first issue of clout" as a reference point in time for the "old school" and i like how android x thinks someone else doing tags in the daytime makes it hot for him. let people do what they want man. there are no rules! the only way to make rules in graffiti is to beat people up. short of that its not even worth making suggestions.
  10. a peoples history? RIP howard zinn
  11. i dont understand, why is everyone talking about this dude? what did i miss?
  12. oh yeah and owel, that name is taken, and dont give me that "but i spell it different" it still says owl and you will be a toy forever if you keep that name through ignorance...honestly im just trying to help you out!
  13. yams...for real, what is that shit? that guys been painting pieces for over 10 years now and he still sucks. goddamn
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