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  1. and then some ohter dude started writing it on freights too
  2. agent is an old school philly head.
  3. yo thats whats up! get at me. you sketch? but for real. sigh is the SSHHIITTT!
  4. thanks bro. you seem like you have a tight attitude. we should link up.
  5. for real? youve never seen nothin ive done? fuck this man, i quit. i been puttin in mad work for the better part of 2009 and so far a lot in 2010 and it seems like i havnt even made a dent. i dont get it
  6. yo homie, dont get it twisted. i risk my freedom on the regular just tryin to eat. I trespass eryday tryin to bench the lines and though the walls i piece arent exactly "hot" ive had to hide from cops before that shit is a scary feelin. we are all in this together whether you bombin, piecein, piecein freight, piecein cleans, pieces on paper, piecein on fine ladayz, piecein on shoes, whatever! its all graffiti and its all good to me. peace. -esince1, THC squad. Dayton, OH
  7. ^sigh lives in the top of that tower.
  8. i heard down in va they call em "subs"
  9. you are the foolish one. stay away from the lines?...im the one who paints all those pieces that you take pictures of! if i stayed away from the lines your photo albums would be empty. do you really want that?
  10. what are you a fuckin mathematician? you workin for the census bureau? nerds
  11. now thats a good bump. its obvious this dude has a good head on his shoulders. with intelligent bumping like that, i start to think that graffiti has a chance at not being totally gay....all the time.....bump ghey
  12. yo i think eye bit that toys shit. thats how he stays on that other level...bitin toys
  13. i think you'd be suprised
  14. you see that shit all the time. buffers get tired/run out of paint/recognize the realness, and just quit.
  15. Im pretty sure im the only writer to have actually done something completely new and original in the last 20 years and that was that patented bandaid connection that i started rocking back in 04/05.
  16. everytime someone uses the word "style" on this website, it makes me cringe. "yo he got that sick style" "his style looks like this other dudes style" most writers dont have ANY style. and most of what people on here think is "innovative original shit" is either garbage or was done in the ealy 70s but it hasnt blown up on the internet yet.
  17. woah man chill the fuck out. do you know how many people work for the railroads? literally HUNDREDS theres no way the fuzz could track him down. also, he wears levis and nikes and sometimes wears a hat.
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