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  1. this is getting bad...so bad that i feel like i have to post some pictures.
  2. some dipshit recently went over a big MAR silver straight letter she had done in a freight tunnel in philly. It was one of my favorite gems in town.
  3. update: this is still running as of a week ago
  4. dont walls like that get repainted regularly? why not just do another "prodo" and get over it!
  5. thanks for droppin knowledge on us bro! boy do i feel dumb for catching out at that spot a million times. i guess those trains i caught there were amateur trains. good thing these old timers are on here schoolin us.
  6. man! someone tell scampunks not to taunt homeland security
  7. what the fuck is this gay ass amfm shit next to that goner piece? is some toy seriously writing owel? fucking quit! stop writing you're ruining everything!
  8. i question your choice in train riding footwear sir.
  9. someone should compile all the knowledge human skull bong has shared via this forum and publish a book of it. That book would be so powerful and sought after that if would probably surpass oil and potable water in value as a commodity .disputes to posses its knowledge would most likely start ww3...jussayin
  10. i heard there were still some old jimy tags running in richmond. old school
  11. this thread should be called the toys jocking toys thread
  12. well you just referred to this forum as a "form" and you are a toy. in fact, human skull bong is the only motherfucker on here who isnt a toy.
  13. its a legal wall . take your pictures, post them on the internet, then let nature take its course.
  14. did this faggot really just say some freights look like subways cars in the 80s because the graffiti on them is bad? get a fucking clue you retard. goddamn.
  15. caught this in philly a few weeks ago
  16. this is sick as FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKkkkkkkkkkk. is that photoshopped? montana crayons? i thought the saying goes "cant read it, dont need it" but then again, legible or not, sick styles are sick styles.
  17. i didnt forget. but i forgive you, you probably dont know what i want to look at anyway.
  18. is this still running? and from now on you should just post illegal graffiti. the stuff on that legal wall hasnt been good in almost 10 years
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