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  1. missed yall jk but this shit is really dope
  2. omg gyser is still so bad hahaha
  3. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/06/european_flooding.html
  4. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es whoowoo that is dope
  6. mountain is a durham kid who's one of the very veryfew people to bomb durham hard enough to have dpd actively looking for him. street art?....kinda...more akin to plant trees though as he's kinda a bomber
  7. that billboard looked good from the road
  8. ???? they didnt get enough play? you mean not enough of your friends bumped those WACK kolun spaghetti letters? bluuuaagh
  9. you're so fucked. i like how as soon as you heard i was looking for you, you dipped outta town, punk bitch. youre so fucking done you scenester crustie bitch. oh thats going to be so much fun once you move back here, you wont be able to run away everytime you make those kinds of mistakes. you had to move before cause no one liked you and now what you're coming back to isnt going to be any better. i remember the first time i met you, my friends said "____ is coming over, dont mention that we're going painting because then he'll want to come" and those were your friends. sad. do i even
  10. he was there for about 6 hours out of a week. sorry guess i missed him. he did crush though DAMN.
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