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  1. missed yall jk but this shit is really dope
  2. omg gyser is still so bad hahaha
  3. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/06/european_flooding.html
  4. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es whoowoo that is dope
  6. mountain is a durham kid who's one of the very veryfew people to bomb durham hard enough to have dpd actively looking for him. street art?....kinda...more akin to plant trees though as he's kinda a bomber
  7. that billboard looked good from the road
  8. ???? they didnt get enough play? you mean not enough of your friends bumped those WACK kolun spaghetti letters? bluuuaagh
  9. you're so fucked. i like how as soon as you heard i was looking for you, you dipped outta town, punk bitch. youre so fucking done you scenester crustie bitch. oh thats going to be so much fun once you move back here, you wont be able to run away everytime you make those kinds of mistakes. you had to move before cause no one liked you and now what you're coming back to isnt going to be any better. i remember the first time i met you, my friends said "____ is coming over, dont mention that we're going painting because then he'll want to come" and those were your friends. sad. do i even need to comment on how wack your throw and moms bullshit are? oh and bump that little tiny jerx!!!!! hahaha
  10. he was there for about 6 hours out of a week. sorry guess i missed him. he did crush though DAMN.
  11. and sorry so there's no confusion, i typed that ^ i was on my boy's computer, didnt realize i wasnt logged in. didnt want to go talking shit unidentified now would i?
  12. yeah, strange i've asked a few heads from other states about yall's conglomerate crew(s) (down in one you're down in three right....) and none of them seem to have ever heard shit. when the fucking best of the south east came through and were chillin, think they had heard of moms? no. this rap talk is funny. i can't believe you losers are trying to hate on that fuck you toy hand. show me a fresh handstyle and we'll talk. jerx, you did it to yourself man. too much shittalking, using your wack friends to back it up, when your style cant even stand up to shit. garbage, and it's hilarious. i bet the throws over that ill ass prodo suck. bumpppp that close and iomi shit. and dope to see that railbox up top
  13. ahhhhhhhh yes. and and bump 1053 kwelr lert leaver arto haze amego klever and them cib junks. bump that conrail flat, that some of the best i've seen outta them dudes collaboratively.
  14. so here's GRL's flicks from their trip to greensboro shit was fun
  15. haha cool, durham shit! those flicks remind me of being in 8th grade oh and bump kudzu and hbizzler
  16. wack wack wack. once again them dudes get all mad when someone paints something better than them that helper obsoe joint is toooo ill, brings back memories of a kwel rekvi wall back when this happened to pg
  17. yupppppp. time/place please we'd love to battle, let us know
  18. yo you need to quit talking shit. once you can make letters, and attach a creative color scheme, we can talk. but shall we review? and dont make excuses, maybe he's doing his thing, but after as long as he's been claiming to be at it, you think a dude would get better, i mean at least try to get better (but then again that does seem to be the trend for yalls crew, at least you have celm now to look up to(bump celm)) i dont know why you're worried about it, but the sek appears to be on top of some toy shit, so i can imagine the other panel had similar said toy shit. no jocking, quit flattering yourself. this thread gets real old seeing the same tired pieces from the same tired names all bumping each other and salivating over each other's balls. people have just recently decided to take a bigger part in this thread to make it more of an NC thread and less of a wack cabbage congratulatiory circle. no i believe they are speaking what they feel, so they joined 12oz and spoke up. aaaaand you're retarded. no one's got new sn's, what do you write bloodywishes? moms crew lemme guess, right? i bet lordinfamous could burn you. get ready to eat your words and pay up. cool video bump the vhe shit, the cib shit, i already bumped the ltf shit from the last page but i'll do it again. and that ink on the CIRR is way ill. nice flicks spicey chicken
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