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an archive of pretty much all media for streaming and downloading..


a shit load of grateful dead and phish shows


i also found two godspeed you black emporer concerts..



this probably belongs in a different area other than channel zero.. but there is already a well slept on thread called stock footacge with this link in it..

i think casek or somebody gave the link


and in hopes other people listing sites like this ...it would help me track down some really obscure music..an stuff..



p.s see this is why i rarely make threads...on the real



oh and here is a picture of a muffin...for the audio visual impaired


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lol, i just stumbled upon "Various Artists - Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music For The Masses Volume 1" because of that site.


Downloading now.

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Great site...just make sure you don't keep the FLAC files - convert em to MP3 and delete that shit. They take up almost a gig per cd. Great compression for all the audiophiles out there. Pretty much any hippy jam band has every one of thier shows posted on that site. If you've never heard Keller Williams I'd suggest checking out some of his stuff. He's a one-man band, running around stage setting up loops on different instruments that are a linked to a main board in front of him w/ a bunch of pedals. Guy plays acoustic and sings while bringing all the loops in and out using the pedals. Its pretty interesting, if nothing else. He's still a fat, smelly hippy though.

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dudes, i've been rocking this shit for a few years.

awesome for editing up video styles.

as for electronic shit, just last week i was scoping out that

they had some alvin lucier shit. unfortunately it was a

cover by some unknown noob that shouldn't be playin'

with such a lord.

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godspeed you black emporer search


light drum n bass search



havnt got start on stock film yet


a capella search



the start of my first jazz breakcore project..starting as soon as it finishes downloading








soon i'l update and streamline my midi junkie link thread..

i pretty much found almost all freeware,shareware,demo vst instruments made as of november..

tested about 800 soundfonts sf2. only ..still have a few hundred more left to go through...motowndrums ..and a kraftwerk bank are prolly the most used right now.

in all i have a list of about 500 sites unorganized and around 40 i wrote details on for myself..

i lost track of how many midi files i have..all i know is that the file i have them in is 3.6 gb

gave up on drum loops...minus anything by akai if .. if anybody has the rest of the ethnic series let me know... i have the opium and native american ones ..



always up for a trade ..dont have any rex files though

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yeah I discovered this shit earlier this year....they got like every dead show, (the main reason I even got the internet a few years ago, lol)...I usta rob hippys of their dead tapes now its all online...

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