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Calling all artists


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Still not closed yet?


For the thread starter:


-Provide a link/info for gallery (Even if your just starting it)

i.e. Location - affiliates etc.


- Dont expect much as people tend to be paranoid - that you only have one post doesnt help matters


-If your painting on the street where your work is accessible to anyone who happens past it, the artist is given much more exposure then in a gallery setting.

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i was gonna close it, but then i saw the name; 'pyrozania'?! this dude is not only a 'PYROMANIAC' (as if that weren't enough) but he's also fucking 'ZANEY', which means he flat out DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK! if i had closed this down right away, he might have come to my house and set my god damn head on fire. he might have torn my HEAD OFF and SHIT DOWN MY NECK. jesus christ! that would SUCK ASS!!


BUT, now that i've waited a while, hopefully he's had a chance to cool is [crazy] jets and he'll understand.

(i hope!)

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