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friends, lies, what the fuck?

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so tonite i went to a party with a friend

and were standing outside smoking and bullshitting with others

when my friend comes out and says all these lies about me

now they arent lies for the worse, but lies that make me look better i guess


but keep in mind im standing right there

looking at him like 'what the fuck are you saying?!'

and it was awkward cause i cant call the motherfucker on it

cause that will make him look like a piece of shit

but i also cant back up most of what hes saying,

because most of it is only half truth at best


so im just left there thinking 'what the fuck just happened?'


and all these people who were listening think im THE shit


im not sure if my friend thought it would benefit him

benefit me

or just wanted to make me feel awkward


any of you ever have this occur?

thoughts on the subject?

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hahaha, I used to tell lies about people I didn't like... but like you said, 'nice' lies and right in front of them... I don't really dig talking behind peoples backs...


just keep letting those people believe your friend and if you see them again, you can slowly deprogram them ('nah, he was drunk and exxagerating')... if you don't see them again, they go through life thinking YOU'RE the shit! What's the harm in that?

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Originally posted by Smart



im thinking my friend did it so that

id get a girl or two and pass one off on him

cause hes the 'friend' and they cant be rude and exclude him

if we went back to the pad

(cause he doesnt get much play)


my friend thinks in very odd ways

so this is my conclusion


im scared to ask his real intentions

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i have a friend who does that all the time, but its for our mutual "coolness" benefit. Whenever were out with a group of people he'll pull a "hey remember when yada yada yada." He'll completely blow stories out of proportion so that they're funnier, crazyier, etc. it gets annoting when he does it and i have to go along with it.

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