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  1. Re: Re: Ya Gramma! Looks more like a semi-colon, or a dash/double-hyphen. I don't like hanging out with them; they're irritating. I don't like hanging out with them -- they're irritating.
  2. THANK YOU for bringing this up. People continuously botch this up over and over and over. It especially looks bad when someone's talking about "dumb blondes" only to mess up the your/you're thing in the subject title. Is 'why write?' reading this?
  3. http://www.sksf.biz/maggro/flames/best_thread_ever.jpg'>
  4. http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/diverse/bell.jpg'>
  5. Yeah fuck them haters. BEER BELLY was the best poster on here. RIP BEER BELLY
  6. http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v79/diverse/bell.jpg'>
  7. http://www.gighit.com/features/uncledave/images_uncledave/dave_beastiality.jpg'>
  8. HAHAHAHAHA... the "small penis" thing IS a very touchy subject for Asian men. Nigga got all technical talking about "we have Mongolian in us". I remember I was posting on some "Asian Ethnic" board a while back, and one of the Asian guys was like "I'm tired of you non-Asian guys taking all our women." I made a few inflammatory remarks in response. No big deal. Then when I made the small penis joke, you won't believe how many e-mails I got in response.
  9. Guerilla marketing (I prefer that term), well I think the concept itself is awesome. That would include wheatpasting advertisements, wheatpaste and sticker campaigns, going on internet boards and chat rooms and talking about how great this "new product" is, voting in online polls to make something seem better, etc. etc. But at the same time it IS deceptive. I remember around 95-96 when the Sony Playstation just dropped, and the Nintendo 64 was getting ready to drop. The salesmen who worked at Electronics Boutique apparently were paid off by Sony to let all the customers know that PlayStation was a far superior system in so many ways at that the N64 was garbage in comparison. Some slick shit. By the way that Six Dollar Burger at Carl's Jr. is the shit. Greatest thing I've ever tasted.
  10. TheoHuxtable


    Just curious, you got a source that confirms this?
  11. Don't snitch on her or anything, I mean you were the one prying into her shit. But bring it up to her attention one day and tell her she's a disgusting weirdo. She'll probably remove them after that.
  12. http://www.polaroidscene.com/dirtyvegas/images/IMG_0578.jpg'>
  13. http://www.polaroidscene.com/dirtyvegas/images/IMG_0516.jpg'> DR+DELUSION, is that you?
  14. ''Four more years of what?'' Kerry responded pointedly to a group of President Bush's supporters who greeted him noisily at his appearance in Columbus. ''Four more years of jobs being lost, four more years of the deficit growing bigger and bigger? Four more years of losing our allies around the world? We know we can restore our alliances around the world and make America strong again,'' added the four-term Massachusetts senator, running even to slightly ahead of Bush in the pre-convention polls. --------------------------------------------- HAHAHAHA. Kerry's the man. He talks shit back to those extreme-right wing conservative protestin' motherfuckers who blindly follow anything Bush says and does.
  15. Did the fact that China isn't a Spanish-speaking country ring a bell to her? Or was she truly that stupid?
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