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How to moonwalk (!!!!)

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Made famous by Michael Jackson, this is probably one of the most simple but still effective glides you can perform. You may also be laughed at as Michael Jackson. None the less the principles on the moonwalk are that you give the impression on your weight being on the opposite foot to what it actually is. From learning this it should prove easier to develop your own glides and variations.


1. Stand upright, your feet their normal standing width apart, but with your right foot 20cm in front of your left. Have both feet flat on the ground.

2. Lift the heel of your left foot, you are now standing on the ball of your left (back) foot and the flat of your right. All of your weight should be on your left foot.

3. Keeping your left foot raised and your right foot flat, slide your right foot so it is 20cm behind your left.

4. After this transition, swap position with your feet, raise your right heel and flatten your left foot.

5. Now repeat the process, slide your left foot back, keeping your right heel raised, and change positions.



This is awkward to start with but you should have it down fairly quickly. After you have the basics, you can experiment with making the motion smoother, the transition from toe to flat can be incorporated into the slides. Make a forward walking motion with your hands to increase the illusion. Get a rhythm to the glide, but don't sacrifice speed for style, as the illusion will be lost.


This is the basic motion for many glides, experiment with sideways movements, twisting the heels etc. Work out the motions for a forward moonwalk. The more you can do the easier gliding becomes and you will learn to travel the floor without even thinking about it.


(from http://www.mike.jefferies.btinternet.co.uk.../moonwalk.shtml)



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