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Originally posted by CasperMigo

Can you be more specific about what sucks so bad? 'cause I'm just starting out and I know it sucks but I'm really trying so help me out.

i can see your really trying from what your doing. 3D letters are really complex and they take alot of thinking, but even though your trying to take on the task of making 3D letters, your just not ready for them in my oppinion. usualy when you start out you should work on simple letters and work your way up when you simples look good. it's awesome that your getting so complex with your stuff, but the letters and the flow of the piece is really what counts. it wont flow if you randomly insert random ribbon looking arrows, everything should have a purpose, if its a letter make it the letter and dont just put arrows and blocks stick out of it to fill space.


anyway my main point is just work on making simple letters and making them flow together... experience is the best teacher do keep practicing

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Kise- Really good advice. I(Casper) actually only did the shading on that piece and Migo did the actual drawing so it's good to hear that 'cause that's what I told him too. Just looking around here really helps to get an idea of where to start.


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Originally posted by blahblahblah

doodz!...fuct skool it blowz hard! ...it blows hard and my teecherz r totl fashists and it blowz hard!...graffing rulz only and skool blowz hard!


this better be a joke, if not, stop fuckin complaining and do something about it. drop out and get a fucking job

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