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  1. niccas? does that mean black person? Quoted post [/b] I think its slang for the slang word nigga. But i usually hear "Black" Asian wanna be's throwing that phrase around. I think we should all use it, Stop this hate guys. :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: ok ok, i don't care, nigga isn't that bad.
  2. another crappy day, waiting for class to start. very boring.. check hgraff, nothing new.
  3. man i wish i had taken all my stickers on my trip to spain and rome. i have flickiage of that crap too. Go to http://www.houstongraffiti.com , and go to out of town. check out the crizap.
  4. here are a couple of i took in italy and spain. thats enough crap. the sorry thing is that i lost a memory chip over there, that was filled with tons of my stuff..
  5. I don't know if i have posted these up yet. but what that crap..
  6. its in houston. man i havn't been here for a while. waddup ppz. good stuff.
  7. yo animojo hit me up about some shirts. bignandeezy@houstongraffiti.com peace
  8. i forgot, you have to register on the site, to be able to upload, The site is under a brand new dedicated server. The site, so no worries about the bandwith or limit. Peace nando
  9. HOUSTON GRAFFITI IS BACK UP. but now anyone who wants can upload to the albums. he rest of the albums are being added today. The albums will be open for any to add pictures, and a person can have there own gallery to display their stuff, or just have their own gallery. Make sure to check it out. http://www.houstongraffiti.com
  10. umm.. not so good keep working. p.s. im not in the game either. ha ha
  11. waddit do homies. free to trade if anyone is down. hit me up if you haven't seen my stuff. i'm down to trade any time. peace bignandeezy@yahoo.com
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