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  1. Ego muscles? Fuck you. I'm the motherfuckin' greatest. CHUUUCH!!!
  2. I just thought of something. Koot means "Ass" in Cambodian, no joke. Haha. Anyways, Koot kept it up. But keep the attiude (even though you're just fuckin' around with people) down. And yes, I'm still going to contribute to this thread. Hold on... I need a photohost. (photobucket perhaps) ~p-sizzle~
  3. I was talking about THIS THREAD. Not HANDSTYLE in general. Oh yeah, the 10 DUDES are right. I'll contribute to this thread in a sec. Let me find some old flix.
  4. I would tell you to delete your post because that picture is too goddamn big. But... I really don't care about this thread. carry on. AMEK(?)
  5. Well, I like what I can read. And I can read most(?) of the "stuff" on this page but with the exception of that REGRET piece. It's almost impossible (to me anyways) to decipher your work because of all that extra shit. I can make out the letters in your wall piece though. You'll improve, just like everyone else, as time goes on. [no shit] Anyways, keep shit up. And post more wall flix. :) adi-ors
  6. I WAS in that regret battle but I'm dropping out. I didn't even start on it yet. (Heh) I don't want to hold up the battle/votes. So "vote" away...
  7. I just have to ask, Asert, how many times (let's say a month) do you paint? And personally, I like your other painted shit more. I think you overlapped too much on that last one. But keep it up bro.
  8. http://img44.photobucket.com/albums/v134/KingBlah/prove2.jpg'> *It's not actually this dark. I was sort of playing with the letters. I also threw in a gay little character. But this battle is all about letters... Oh yeah, the black stuff on the page are the left overs left by my pencil's eraser. **My friend pointed out that the 3D was a bit odd. ***My pencils' eraser. mybabysmomma AMEK
  9. Alright, so it's: DrSeusLives(me) v.s QbaOner v.s Nafe Sheeps* v.s Bless561 And yes, the Ever battle was toyish. peace, me ps - I don't have much to color with. But whatever, I'll just make use of the pencil. (ie: shading)
  10. I'm up for it. This time, I'll put some effort into it so it'll be at least decent. Pick a word and whatever is it, let's just make it an outline. [aim]bboyxlonglegs
  11. http://kingblah.250free.com/ever.bmp'> Weak ass shit. My bad guys. I really didn't put much effort into it at all because it sort of sounded like you gys were complaining. Complaining about the fact that I took too long to post up my shit. Anyways, let's do another one. I disqualify myself on the fact that I used 2 diff. color os pens. (It was against the original rules) And also, on the fact that that shit is fuckin' weak. Heh. ;) EDIT*** I think I vote for ESP.
  12. DrSeusLives


    Nevermind. Anyways, Noum, I'll be posting the early chapters of 3D in the 3D pages. It's just shit from the Cope2 book. But back to the subject. I say people are relating your shit to Totem because of that extra shit you have in your 3Ds. They look very similar. That pillar-type structure you always through in. The letter structure is def. not the same, but the "extra stuff" is. It's Probably not a direct bite (ie: you looking at the screen while sketching) but the idea is stolen. Or at least, that's what photos show. Try to sketch more like "the mean green" one. That shows letter structure (and if I may add, creativity) more than your other/older sketches. For example, the one "homeboy" used in the above comparisons. The one he used to compare to Totem's "Blossoms" burner. Joker's post pointed out some good points. Don't hate on what he said. Take it into consideration. Don't take what the "haters" said too heavily. I'm tired... peace AMEK
  13. I just finished my Ever. Unfortunatley, I did it all at my friend's house. (I'm at my friend's house right now) I'll post the shit when I get home. So I guess no voting until I post it in a few... peace!
  14. DrSeusLives


    http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b4dc03b3127cceb95d6b857c4a0000001610'> I like your painted 3D shit. That new .... wildstyle shit you painted is ugly man. I don't like the letters. It's as simple as that. But this isn't about impressing me or someshit. Just had to drop a line. Oh yeah. What's been bothering me for a while is... well... some of the people in this thread. They post everytime you have a new sketch up. Saying "That's dope" and shit. And they try to defend you from people who are attacking you. Even though they can't come up with real arguements. Nothing that they can use to defend you with. I don't know. I just find this whole "internet pal/online groupie" shit fucking annoying. Kids, please back the fuck off. Stop the nut-hugging. It's disgusting.] Still not feeling too good. I might regret typing in shit. I doubt it though,. Keep shit up. That's good for a first painted wildstyle.e and yo noum, i hope you don't take the internet props seriously. especially if it's from some of the heads from paperchase and whatever. but you seem okay. glad you dont seem bigheaded. interfame is bad fame.. maybe some of the stuff dont make sense. ignore the stuff that dont make ssense. your friend, me
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