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  1. haha looks like some of yall like my rackin tips...i dont work at wal-mart haha i stay at mcdonalds, but i have to admit it, i think im a kleptomaniac... i wouldnt even worry about the phone thing when rackin a tv, my dad said that he knew some people, that would go into walmart and just load up like tv's and like computers and shit onto a buggy, and just walk straight out the door, those door watchers wouldnt think about that, just have someone with a truck waiting outside the door, plus..they cant chase someone that racked something, out of the store...and i found out last night, that there are cameras in each one of the light pole things...so if you rackin, wait till you go somewhere else to pull out all your shit.... to the police if they are reading this.. fuck the police, try to catch me rackin..and stop fuckin with skaters over here, they have nothing to do with graff...
  2. .:wizo:cdc:.


    yo turbo, drop me an email at otrfatcap@yahoo.com u from louisiana right? i would say where, but yea hit me up
  3. get the shit developed at walmart, then rack your pictures from there...and if anyone wants another walmart rackin pointer, carry and oooolllllllddddd ass cellphone in there, find a security beeper, stick it on the cellphone somewhere where it wont be noticed, like inside the battery case, rack whatever the hell you want, if anything beeps, like the cell phone should, just be like, its the cell phone, its happend before, and wave the cell phone through the thing and make it beep again...i got this idea, from rackin the other day, me and my sis both racked shit, and we walked out and the beeper went off, the old stupid bitch asked if we had a cell phone, of course we replied yes, and she said thats what it prolly was....stupid ol ladies..
  4. yea im in msk, and awr, and i write saber, and i also write zes...looks like i have you fooled eh?, i live on 1536 west 9th st. right past block buster if you wanna hit up, then just come by my house one day and ring the doorbell 3 times..
  5. .:wizo:cdc:.


    i have seen HO autoracks online, but at the train shop in houston where my dad lives, i couldnt find any newer ones, just like oldschool 1960's ones..i dunno if they are that old of a model, but they didnt have new style ones
  6. i catch cotton belt hoppers and box-cars every time i go to the yard. i would like to get some pretty nice flicks of em, because more then half of the boxcars have no graffiti on them, but i always end up leaving my camera at home, or i run out of pictures
  7. .:wizo:cdc:.

    Yard Safety

    Hahaha, my yard is in the GHETTO! I paint in one of the worst places of my town. No one around there thinks about walkin around at night alone, or even in small groups. My happy ass goes tho, its kinda scary..
  8. i didnt want to start a thread about this, but this thread has some quite educated responses, i just want to know where you people such as bosco learned sooooooooooo much about trains, i really would like to learn a lot about trains like you have done, so uh yea, if yall wanna email me or contact me on aim..or just leave a message on here... otrfatcap@yahoo.com dkpunklifeaf - im on that sn more then the other one.. otrfatcap - i get on this sn sometimes... both of those are for aim, please drop a line..
  9. i dont know why you would get those pencils....read the description, its says it wipes off thouroughly with a damp cloth
  10. where in sam hell? yo pase.....where are you benching from, i went benching tonight, and i saw half of the shit you posted, in real life....im kinda curious as to how close you are to me, cuz i see canadian fr8s, and im all the way down here in louisiana....anyways, really nice post...
  11. you think that bulls would be on the lookout for people, if the yard hasnt really had any writers in it for a long ass time, or possibly never?, i dont think that anyone has painted fr8s down here in my yard or lay-up...so im not really sure that the bulls would be driving around lookin for writers, but when bulls usually drive around, or workers drive around, what are they usually going out to do? i dont wanna be in the wrong place at the wrong time....
  12. this is the first time i visit this thread, and i started at the last page..its the only one i looked at....and since yall are on the topic of ny trains...i think every single person even remotely interested in graff, should read "getting up-subway graffiti of new york"-from craig castleman....this book is soooooooooooooooooooo good, describes everything and very well shows how the subway graff was started....its a really good book...go get it
  13. Re: yeah nigga what do you write and where are you from in louisiana....
  14. you really never know what is gonna roll up on you and bust you..... i was benching today, and i decide to look for another spot in the yard....so im driving around, and i see this big ass conversion van haulin ass around the yard...i have no clue who all was in it, im thinkin it might be some type of transportation, for workers that have come in from other places or somethin, like conductors or somethin....can anyone give me some more info about this??
  15. just bringin this thread back up, i have hit a school bus before, we did quite a few handstyles on one, that shit went fuckin crazy, it was all over the news and shit, crimestoppers, all of that....arcel, thats funny, because our school bus yard is right next to a lay-up, more of a ghost yard, cuz there are NEVER workers in sight over there...so yea, just stop by, hit some buses, then go to the lay-up, haha that would be fun
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