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  1. FRANK SPICE AVERT lookin good as fuck yawll! but.....zeal crossing seap?:confused:
  2. that lemen by the old riot sk8pork?
  3. ill just leave this here.
  4. damn. thats a nice a, but it really is a nice lowercase e too.. and a kinda busted uppercase e. trd toyota racing development kru son
  5. seap on the UP. kali have somebody give you some letters girl. k i hollered at my gwillah or whatever. P.S. i sidebusted that black and green JIGL lol. somebody just caught it in reefer madness.
  6. skribbles


    crowski with the super nice color scheme on the jobless tour 2010 chilled express
  7. you guys shouldnt try to call zeal out for biting. hes been working on his own style for years. go do graffiti.
  8. who me? why yes, indeed i am quite flustered.
  9. too buck florida christmas?
  10. who's that on the first icicle? ^^
  11. woah haha i forgot about that ekzam at safari walls. and jeah thats an FTM spot y'all. andd bump the FUCK out of frankkk!! and the homie horse. highway spot look tightt son! e.
  12. reft and gasm in louisville?
  13. skribbles


    kiloz dude. come on.. TRY not to make it look SO much like ether's shit.. TRY
  14. neid, whats that dues from?
  15. MIGHTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!1
  16. honestly i do usually go around the numbers. i do understand the fuss about it and the implications of not doing it.. the numbers on that particular car were already crossed and partially gone over. i could have rewritten the numbers i guess, but i chose to go the other route. it was going to get stamped anyway. i could have saved myself from the ghost stamp, but the car was already so smashed to hell, i just didnt care. sometimes its just about going out and painting a freight.
  17. please dont try to romanticize vandalism. selfish thuggy punks are the only types of people going into freight yards and spraypainting shit all over the cars anyway. you could always go on a black and white stamping mission if you truly feel the plight of the rail workers that deeply.
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