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  1. CasperMigo

    Character Post

    I did this with pen on a cardboard box at work.
  2. This is Buddy. Half-Malamute and Half-German Shepherd.
  3. Gary Allan-Smoke Rings in The Dark See If I Care
  4. These are my bedroom walls. I don't draw much now that I'm in school so I put my inspiration on my walls. It's a lot better than looking at the plain white.
  5. I did the flag and my friend did the letters.
  6. I like the piece, but I wanna see what's behind it. earo 35- shut up
  7. I like the amateur, draw-on-your-girlfriend ones better but this is pretty badass too.
  8. It doesn't say anything. It was just an idea. I haven't made them into letters yet.
  9. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00372351f00000042.jpg'>
  10. Natural selection was natures safeguard against over population but we disabled even that with all of our technology. Hitler said to kill certain people but that would never work because the people I think are unnecessary would be different from who you think are unnecessary.
  11. BORDER PATROL How does it help the economy when these bastards send their money to Mexico instead of spending it here. Are you retarded? Did you kill any indians? I didn't so why should my tax dollars pay for anything specifically benefiting indians. In defense of those who did run off the indians: Indians were over here killing eachother before white people ever came here but then the biggest baddest tribe came along and kicked all their asses. So fuck 'em. And why should the jews be getting money at all? There were 13 million people victimized in the holocaust and only 6 million were jews, the rest were christians. But you don't see me bitching because I'm Catholic. I get pissed off when I see fuckin Mexicans with little mexican flags flying so proudly on their porches and in their vans. If they're so proud of Mexico then why are they here. Why aren't they there being proud of who they are. According to the Huddle study in 1996 there were 5 million illegal aliens costing state, local , and the federal government $30 billion a year. WHY? Why do they deserve government help? If some border jumper runs across the border and pops out a kid, that kid is instantly a U.S. citizen. That kid is entitled to all government services and can sponsor his family for naturalization. While guestworkers are here, they just get somebody pregnant and as soon as that kid comes out, that whole family gets to stay here as citizens. Now I know that they are trying to better themselves but it is illegal and ends up costing our whole country. I'm so fucking tired of the bilingual education department hiring new people and having fuckin Cesar fuckin chavez day n shit. They could at least speak english! From what I have seen, illegals treat my community and the whole county I live in like shit. I have to deal with mexican taging shit all over everything (sur13/x3). Well fuck those beaners( when I say beaners, I mean it like you'd call a trashy white person "white trash". I don't think that all mexican immigrants are beaners, just those trashy illegal ones) www.reportillegals.com
  12. Is anyone else pissed off about Bush's proposed guestworker policy? I just can't believe that thousands of mexicans cross the border illegally everyday and now were going to grant them citizenship if they have a job. There are estimated to be about 15 million illegal immigrants in this country now costing local, state, and federal governments around 70 billion dollars a year.
  13. I'm just wondering where a professional would do this and if it would be like a regular needle or the kind they do navels with.
  14. penile piercings How do you do it and where exactly do you do the piercing?
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