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Redscale is color film shot through the wrong side. Color film has three layers of emulsion, red yellow and blue. When shot normally, the red layer is on the bottom, getting exposed last. When you flip the film and expose the wrong side, the red layer is exposed first, making the image very red/yellow. The blue layer doesn't really get much exposure.


You can buy specialty redscale film but it's probably pricey. I just make my own from dollar store film, by spooling it backwards into a reloadable film cannister. It's easy. Those shots were also developed at home, which I'm pretty stoked about!

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I moved out to LA from RI a couple months back and only brought my Rioch 35 rangefinder from the 50's .

I also tried to shoot an old school pool jam with it while drinking all day...


This is a little of what I got...



PinkMotel4 by Dan Cabral, on Flickr



PinkMotel3 by Dan Cabral, on Flickr



PinkMotel2 by Dan Cabral, on Flickr



PinkMotel by Dan Cabral, on Flickr


Also, what happened to my last post??

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It's starting to warm up here.


CRW_2567 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2676 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2737 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2719 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2685 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2675 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2668 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2665 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2650 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2627 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2588 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


CRW_2580 by Ethiopiate, on Flickr

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nice one dudes.


neopan, preferably 1600, will always be my favorite. I think the 400 and 100 is being re-branded as legacy pro. Keep your eyes peeled.


nothing compares to 1600 but I can't get my hands on any around me I've looked for it even at old shops but no luck, I'm going to have to shoot 800 and push it, as for the 100 I used it was 120 so either way, Coke Wave.

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