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The Photography Thread


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Still having some problems with the t1i kind of stalling. Got new memory card, will try tommorow. Hey emen what should the settings be for shooting shots like this???


I think it turned out cool- but everytime i would go to take a pic it would stall, or wouldn't even



try manually focusing and if you shoot at F/16 (Manual Setting) it will give you a depth of field thats less shallow and with a longer shutter speed you will get a sicker flick. Oh yes and if you havent invested in one get a tripod and remote shutter to minimize camera shake. Pretty much experiment with different lengths of exposure.


if you even wanna meet up to catch some flicks hit me up.

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You know its funny waffle. I saw the kid and I liked how the advertisment was looking directly at your skateboard subject. I said to myself "awesome but Ill finish the page before I reply" ahah then I see your other post questioning the sight of the kid.


Just wish the kid would be more visible, his expression is awesome.


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As a web designer I wouldn't suggest building anything in flash unless it's absolutely necessary.

Flash is a dying technology only used for video and some audio now, all of it's advantages are now available using non proprietary technology.

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