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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA plundered and defiled

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fuck this shiot


last night my car was pilaged and defiled. gone is my boomin system, gone is my ignition, gone are various car parts. gone is the love for my neighborhood.


i'm not sure whether to be angry about the act, sad about the gone stuff or glad that they didn't take the whole car(although they tried). maybe all of the above.........


my friends used to vicitmize poor helpless cars. now i'm the vicitm. ironic.


must've needed a karma cleaning


i should'a been out and awake. damn.


i gotta move outta the city to the burbs. where there are trees and grass and safe neighborhoods.





high plains drifter

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Ive posted this before but my car was stolen too, and talk about pillaging, they took everything, includign my work shirt and bathing suit. then they painted up the sides with my own paint. they stole my life sucks die too mag. Bastards.

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