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  1. -Dragonball Z -Thunder Cats -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles word is bond.
  2. that character with the cigar is from japan.. forgot the dudes name though, i think it was done a WHILE ago. http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//smile.gif'>
  3. i like to smell my balls too much.. you know, like shove your hands down your pants, rub (or skratch) the boys then quickly slap your palm up to your nose while inhaling deeply. please exhale (while diving back in). repeat.
  4. im sitting here enjoying one of these tasty treats and im wondering if any of you have any low-cost recipes (sp?)(i read the ramen ones and those are pretty good), im in dire need of some new cheap food (other than fastfood, because i dotn eat that), otherwise i might die of starvation due to that fact that im tired of the same old stuff.. please post away! (vegetarian/vegan stuff too!)
  5. i dont know about this kenex bullshit but i'd say questlove would be the dude in the middle..
  6. menos

    your kicks

    i have 3 pairs of shoes. -black & white Adidas flatsoles (they're stained with ink drips and paint though for some reason) -blue and creme Pumas (kinda old.. kinda small.. theres blood stains on it) -khaki Lugz (no stains!! these kicks are tough i love them)
  7. menos

    what ever happend

    why dont you lie down on your back so i can fart on your face?
  8. menos

    wu bangaz

    RZA, CAPPADONA, METHOD MAN "Wu-Wear (the garment renaissance)" What muthafuck! Its the illest beat.. I bought the 12inch for like a dollar a couple weeks ago.
  10. yeah jankie stop being a fucking idiot. go to school
  11. fuck, i want to work at a beach club.. how much you get paid boogie? just be all chilling there and looking at females and getting paid.. damn!
  12. ramen is my favorite food. my favorite flavor is either miso or shi-o (not mistaken with shyoyu) all in the know say wahts up! i live off of ramen and cereal. nothign beats miso ramen with tamago and corn and gyoza.
  13. i am the pillager of beautiful women. of course, granted with their permission ir should i say "desire". and then i plunder. im bored http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//frown.gif'>
  14. the hand looks pretty twisted.. rust maybe you should post more pictures of your stuff i would like to see it, and maybe it will lay some of the accusations to rest?
  15. oh yeah and what happened to your hand?? did you forget it under your pillow the night you came out to the tunnels?? concentrate and practice.
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