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  1. people that talk to you like they've known you forever when someone comes to my house, and takes their shoes off or sits on my bed without askin girls that bite little brothers that knock on your door when your bangin your girl telemarketers that wake me up at 8 in the mornin to pronounce my name wrong
  2. curious george


    yea. shortbusondubs
  3. someone who shares my obsession with the skyline gtr-34 v spec?? who knows, but seriously, a good place is ebay. i was there a few weeks ago. and it's gonna run you about 60-100,000 to get one. plus, it has to be legalized in your state, which isn't gonna be cheap. and, the problem is, if you wanna get one, and ya live in the states, you better get used to drivin on the wrong side of the car, and shiftin with your right hand. twin turbo, 4wd, 4 wheel steering, pure beauty. http://www.supercars.net has some tight fliks, so does, http://www.skyline-nissan.com
  4. my gurl writes too. so it's aight. damn the state, i hate this probation shit. i haven't painted in, like, 2 years.
  5. i still wanna know, what the fuck is your job?
  6. pink is hot. to an extent. anyone seen that article in maxim or stuff with her in it. fine ass bitch.
  7. i remember when i worked in the meat department at my work. i could walk around all day wearin the white butcher coat and noone would ever be able to tell i was rockin a hard on all day.
  8. when i was like 11 or 12, i was ridin my bike and i was steerin the right handle bar with my lefthand. i hit tha ground hard and chipped both my front teeth. on was to a point, and the other, was leveled off in the middle of the tooth. years later, i finally got my permanents put in and they're insured at like 4,000 a piece.
  9. the last time i got laid was friday, april 13th, 2001. i think the grim reaper follows my penis around wherever i go. i'm cursed. no doubt.
  10. " i'd rather be pissed off than pissed on. "
  11. that's fucked up. show some respect for real. you think this was a joke, fuck no. this is serious. and it's sad to think that anyone would me immature enough to do that shit. fucked up.
  12. in the prophecy, it talks about armageddon in chapter 9 verse 11. that was the date of this shit. that's creepy too.
  13. that's all bullshit. it's just a lie. we get our oil from saudi arabia and some other countries over that way. but, we are allies with them. that means, that we help each other through everything that goes on. this will be no exception. i just filled up my truck. $1.39 a gallon.
  14. one word. martyr. the people who do htis stuff, like crashing a plane into a building, are seen as good people by whoever sent them to do it. they feel that they're getting some sort of fame from doing something like this.
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