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  1. nice to see someone noticed...RIP
  2. props where they are deserved
  3. bruce lee was the king of martial arts..i mean come on now hes so dope he had to start his own form of martial arts called JEET KUNE DOE
  4. girls confuse and stress me out way too much..i cant take this shit anymore...i just hit em off nowadays...fuck relationships
  5. grilled cheese and some vegetable beef soup bro......thats the joint
  6. SaEkOnCe


    i wanna go to any hip hop shows around..and i might catch the staind and ozzfest joints
  7. ummmm...i smoke cigarettes..it would be dope to quit smoking
  8. for real fuck all those drugs..just kick back....relax..smoke a spliff..drink some beers and chill
  9. all i want is a shubbery..for we are the knights who say NEET!!
  10. hahahahahahahahaha.....word
  11. tight lettering for a toss up
  12. tight lettering for a toss up
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