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what are you wearing VOLUME 4.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Originally posted by !@#$%

^^oh yeah

dead serious


this is what i live for :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


get a sense of humor and boredom ya narrowminded wetblanket

this just isnt funny its retarded...cause you may be joking but most of these cats arent.I'M at work wearing clothes I hate is that good enough for ya?sense of humor??
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Jordan 9's colored all black

Mismatched socks

Polo Jeans with stains

White tee with red headphones Triple5Soul

Black hoodie with Red Lightning bolts sewed on

Black north face sentinal fleece the old one

Molding mud in the hairs and some day old beex wax

Dad's tighty whiteys



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Originally posted by awkward eye



i probably have a better job..


here i am maxin and relaxin in the institute for &^%&%$ medicine..wearin whatever i want




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Sweats and wife beater. Just woke up, about to tend to my beer belly and do some sit ups and push ups and other bullshit.


I got the best job here.


Unemployed but getting paid.


For more info, enquire within.

The games to be sold, not told.

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tailored white dolce&Gabbana trousers. White red lable Hugo boss knit long sleeve and black Bally's ... Emporio Armani watch and black gucci prescriptions...


sorry fella's....G.Q. by day, scrubby ass graffiti writng tranzient by night.:P

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Originally posted by Smart

alot of us are at work, wearing clothes we don't really have any problems with, sorry about your luck chief...


i don't even work. i wear whatever i want every day of the week. government-funded stipends are the way to go.

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