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Everything posted by aichs47

  1. Boris you da truth my G!! Respect
  2. If you could put a value on life, today shows how much trayvon's was worth. My dude can't come back over some bullshit!
  3. What rookie/novice/toy/no-style having writer wants a KING/STYLE MATER topping them? If you know the rules, you know the answer
  4. aichs47


    Bump that north bound 405 flick.
  5. A lot of biting and whack shit on this page
  6. aichs47


    Bump that FUS. I remember always driving past that last Duem oh so many years ago
  7. It's a knock off bro no matter how you write it up.
  8. First two look like knock offs 1 being fish the other being plex
  9. I remember seeing that Bas when it was new! Bump CDP! Big up K4P
  10. aichs47


    Who is the OG of LA graff?
  11. Bump that YR funk up top! The 90's were the best
  12. Excuse me but you missed the whole point!
  13. Wonder if Phaidr I2W/WAI/6th still paints
  14. Where the SKILL pics at! Respect to UTI!
  15. Kuse took a bite out of FISHE's style As much as Bran sucks, the cat is up everywhere!
  16. Bump that FISHE at the very top of this page!
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