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  1. if you dont know now you know.....
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ you must be deaf then?
  3. sm021


    thats a nice suga!!!!!
  4. :haha: I think mpower was doing the ghost thing years ago!
  5. seattle i scrazy up right now!!!!!!! WITH FUCKING TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bitches
  6. yeah! fo real he should get down with some real niggaz! he should get down with aces and eights! that cat is hard! he should go and fuck himself!!
  7. damn that hybrid is fresh!!! no disrespect to him....but...i didn't hear anyone talking shit about those stencils in his piece????
  8. some one uses a stencil to add stars or other geometric shapes and it defines the quality of the piece?
  9. the first one looks like charm's fat ass!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha!!!
  10. Get it straight, Tars is Virus's prodeje. Quoted post [/b] oh! I didn't notice the AA tag next to it?
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