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what are you wearing VOLUME 4.

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-the north face thermal boxerbriefs (grey)

-grey abercrombie undershirt (m)

-burberry twill plaid buttondown (s)

-levis 505's. (tight) 32x32 (khaki)

-burberry socks

-nike dunk lows (cleveland browns colors)

-muni mesh hat

-channel sunglasses (pink)

-the north face summit series (blue medium)

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Top Posters In This Topic

-white socks cos im old school.....no cos they are the only clean ones in my house


- a pair of dark blue lee cooper jeans


- baby blue howies tshirt


- baby blue long sleave jumper


- blue headworks cap


- a cheeky grin

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black pants

tiny white tshirt


victoria's secret bra and bikini


ankle socks

blue nike airs


3 rings

a bracelet

a necklace

a pair of earrings


my i.d. badge


latex gloves


a baby blue bandanna in my hair

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Originally posted by sneak

- baby blue howies tshirt


Howies!! Wish we could buy them over here. I have like 5 catalogues of them, but I'd have to spend through the nose to get them imported over here......


- white socks

- SWFC shorts

- yellow "I'M A WARDS ROVING HERO" beer shirt


Dressed like it's summer coz I haven't left the house all day.....

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- Mudd nylon cagro pants with mesh inner layer. (Damn it's cold in my room)

- Millencolin Polar Bear hoodie (don't front)

- Undershirt (I'm an old man)

- Fireside flannel slippers size 11-12

- and da boxers

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white LRG shirt with sleeves cut off

some black technics tshirt i found...which is under the lrg shirt

white nike double wristband with a black line through the middle

black matix pants size 35 ish

white DVS getz

and white dkny boxers for all the ladies out there ;)

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black throwdown shirt

Blue plaid Abercrombie button down, open of course baby.

Khaki Old Navy D-Ring Pants

some grey fruit of the loom boxer briefs, cuz i like my shit comfortable, but i need the support.

socks? psssh fuck that.

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