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Had not. Thanks for the link.


They're actually touring this summer, as well. If you like them at all I would recommend it. It helps that I saw them at venues with soundmen that get it, but they do atmosphere really well.

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Always been a fan of Dragonforce, they're quintessential power metal as far as I'm concerned, but I don't like anything after Inhuman Rampage and even that was going downhill. At least to me, Demoniac was always an obvious over the top joke band, not sure why anyone felt the need to critically analyze their subject matter. I mean she feels the need to call them out for the seig heil on Myths of Metal but ignores the tongue in cheek line right before it: "Hitler Metal want to bang my fucking head And fist the living dead in the middle of the night alright", let alone the lyrics to the rest of the song. Moreover, this is the chorus of Kill All the Faggots: "We will kill all the faggots and queer cunts. We will wipe out the gays and the fags. We will fuck the children up the ass, shit everywhere 'cause Demoniac will rape the old fags." So they're displaying their homophobia by saying they'll rape children and gay people? Really? Isn't it infinitely more likely that they were intentionally making ridiculous songs w/ "edgy" subject matter? Why does she seem so skeptical of their response that it was in jest? Not to mention lyrics of that nature can be found on basically any gore/porno grind recording ever. But no, it's better to "confront" them about their "racist, homophobic past" because ya know, the children might be influenced by their irresponsible spreading of hatred. Also black metal has a nazi problem like it has an anti-christian problem. Far be it from me to suggest we shouldn't be evaluating the moral fortitude of people who paint their faces, cover themselves in blood and scream about hatred. Who cares what views those people hold, if you like the music listen to it, if not, don't, but don't go on the internet and rant and rave about how people shouldn't listen to something because the guy who made it is an idiot.

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Some contributions for the wall of text:


Swallowed - full length out in October I think, much anticipated

Discordia - live recording, one of my favorite NY bands

Dweller in the Valley - relatively new Baltimore band, promising


Vilkacis - guy from Ruin Lust, more of the same in that style but still good


Bethlehem - Dictius... full album, one of the best vocal performances in black metal

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