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Guest NATO

favourite war films

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Guest NATO

hamburger hill

full metal jacket

saving private ryan

for some reason i really liked THe thin red line, the sad music combined with the battles and shit was kinda ill

black hawk down

there are more im sure just cant remember

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pretty much anything WWII...

-das boot

-u-571(although not that good...)

-private ryan

-thin red line

-that one of the dude that took out a shitload o/dudes with a .50 cal on a tank

-indiana jones raiders of the lost arc(altho not really war):rolleyes:

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"Full Metal Jacket"

"We Were Soldiers Once"

"Anarchy and Love" (1972? In Italian, with English subtitles)

"For Whom The Bell Tolls" (from the Hemingway novel--Spanish Civil War)

"Face of War "(1968, Mike 3/7 in Vietnam. Documentary)

"Under Fire"


"Missing" with Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek.

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Alls Quiet on the Western Front


Rumor of War

The Year of Living Dangerously

Force 10 from Navarrone

Guns of Navarrone

The Deer Hunter

The Big Red One

In Country

The Bridge on the River Kwai

Where Eagles Dare

Guadal Canal Diary


No Time for Seargants


Breaker Morant

Merry Christmas Mr. Ryan


These haven't been mentioned and they jump to mind... there's a couple that are 'fringe' war movies, but I left out Rambo:First Blood...


I mainly dig cold war era films... like the Manchurian Candidate... also, they remade the Bourne Identity, but the original is ok (best of course is the book, Robt. Ludlum)...


I also enjoy the John Wayne war flicks for camp value... like when he's "in" Fighting Cee-Bees and his role lasts about ten minutes before a guy asks him for a light and a sniper takes JW out... I think he was in one called Fighting Leathernecks too... and he lived most, if not all, of the way through Green Berets...

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so... just flipping the dial, I see Hell's Angels (an old WWI flick) and, I think, Too Late the Hero (maybe) on the Spanish channel...


I guess I could mention Good Morning Vietnam and 12 O'Clock High too... and Empire of the Sun was a wartime movie... and the Caine Muitiny...

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dead presidents

forrest gump

hamburger hill

tora tora tora


full metal Jacket

enemy at the gates

all quiet on the western front

apocolaypse now

the beast

and the one ww2 movie were they march off singing the mickey mouse theme song at the end.

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