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  1. KIND

    orange county

    jack black makes it worth watching though..
  2. damn you have too much money.arent those like $5,000..i dont know i might be way off
  3. fuck backpackers..your asses are more close-minded and trendy than anyone else...
  4. your one those people that should just kill themselves..not because your opinions are different, but because you bitch to much especially about the country..seriously fucking move if dont like it.hearing people like you bitch all the time is annoying..
  5. KIND

    Shots Fired

    Re: Re: Shots Fired ray dong..haha
  6. are you kidding me?the asian kids love wu tang
  7. im gonna go there in a couple hours actually..there tacos are the shit..so are the jumbo jacks..and there shakes...
  8. life goes on,death around the corner,and one that hasnt been mentioned-DEATH AROUND THE CORNER...
  9. make them say "remember TO DIAL 9-11"....no disrespect....
  10. i dont think that shit about cartoon and xzibit is true..i read in i think the source that cartoon refused to tat some asians who go there trying to get tatted with gang shit.xzibit got his restless tattoo from him i think..and maybe his x and z..im not sure though.. and doesnt it seem like the people who talk shit and make jokes about prison rape are always people who have never been locked down..thats not shit to joke about..
  11. KIND

    free stuff?

    well u get those "hello im out for fame" stickers?i ordered em 3 times already...im pretty sure there completely..i got the poster from that site too..
  12. in other words nerds hate on 2pac...backpackers and people online who acuse him of being a fake gangsta. they think they deserve to be the one to judge his realness...fuckin annoying..
  13. KIND

    free stuff?

    theres all kindsa sites dedicated to other sites that give out "free" stuff.i wouldnt fuck with em though..i keep getting christmas ornaments and ladies home journal magazines..and they want long money..haha
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