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  1. shit like "urban (movie)" or even worst "bikini area" i wish commercials would just be more blunt and say vagina or pussy. pardon me? scuured / herrrre scandal fantastic "thats so commercial" selfless "man,did you see the me'lay" voluptuous primadonna
  2. Is American media Liberal? I cant tell but i'd have to agree with most of what Kabar said earlier.I guess its depends on your own view of what's liberal. Both conservatives and liberals always claim that that media favors the other side. If you consider daytime cable tv to represent the media as a whole than i would have to say that it is liberal. But I believe that the media is pretty balanced between being liberal and conservative. Its just like the Red Blue states map. Certain aspects of the media tend to paint one picture( AM radio) while another presents something else.
  3. Seeking, i know the taliban still exists and one of the reasons why they still have a foundation is because we did a half-assed job. At first we did pretty well in executing our objectives but than blah shit went off course and not a word about Afghanistan. Bush's administration was more focused on personal issues rather than actually doing what they were suppose to be doing. Afghanistan could have been a success but we didn't do alot of things like actually rebuilding the country, securing its borders, containing suppressed militias and keeping pressure on Bin Laden. what do you suggest we do to get out of the mess we're in??
  4. pretty good read. thought about it before, we're just fighting another Revolutionary War except we are the British this time. Pretty good article except that i think that Bin Laden is smart, but not as calculated as dude presents him to be. It's just the matter of a series of unfortunate events that played into his court. I agree with most of what dude said but his answer to question 10 seems a little iffy.We are in a lose-lose situation no matter what we do.Being that time is in the favor of the militias, I think that getting a bigger force is a more practical solution to our problems. The only way to stop them is to destroy their networks and leaders just like we did in Afghanistan. If we had a good number of credible allies from the start, right now we would be focusing on rebuilding rather than this endless situation in Iraq. If we could contain all the militias just like they are doing in fallujah and kill them quickly before they can resurface we'd be going in the right direction. But currentlly we cant do that simply because we dont have enough forces.
  5. shit i pray that fallujah goes smoothly too. got a lot of friends out there and the funny thing is while i was wactching tv comfortablly here in the states i just imagined my self in the shoes of those soldiers or the Iraqi people. just makes you think how privileged you are to be alive and how i'm able to go upon my simple life with my biggest worries being getting mugged or gas prices. I really hope this shit seriously falls through as planned cause this shit is no longer Bush's war. Sure he started it but whose gonna have to deal with it if it strecthes another 2 or 4 years?.I doubt the American people or our soldiers can take a another year of this. I mean if these guys can put up a resistance while we are there giving them hell whats gonna stop them from taking over once we leave or reduce our troops.
  6. yes its over its been a good one folks, can't say we didn't give the old college try. Hey atleast you've still got comedy central right? right? well im out, atleast i was able to hustle a couple of cuties numbers today while handing out voting papers. good night
  7. yes but it looks as if its gonna be close which means that Bush might come out. he's leading by 1-2 % in the remaining states. if some how Kerry can get Ohio then you prob win but things arre looking too close to call
  8. Dont know where you guys are getting your shit being that every pol is just speculation but YAHOO.com which i believe has more credability than any of these tv station shows the race ------- 249 vs 242 for BUsh.... still close which means get your t.p. and brown paper bags cause this shit is so close its sickening.... i pray for Bush if he gets elected , so much hatred for the dude and yea PA came thru
  9. I really dont think this election will be called tonight, either way Kerry supporters really got out there in the North East especially in NY/NJ and PA the people who should really be worried about their safety. i was driving toward the center city and its like every fucking lamp/traffic post, mailbox, window was hit with a kerry promo. Shit was crazy in the streets too, lotta cars honkin people beating drum, just padamonium. It so fucking close though I see Florida being the big dickhead agian. Anyways if Bush wins he'll probably do any invading or wild shit his fam has been hiding up their sleeves because hey it's his last term
  10. negatives: -Cheney's a great tap dancer and tends to stray away from the base of a question. His rebuttals are weak and also seem to go to Kerry's record (flipfop) when trapped. he seemed out of gas about half way through. -Edwards, acts as if john Kerry is talking to him from heaven. Stutters, slipped on a few issues and low blow(Cheney's daughter), talks a good one but seems alittle too good to be true. Has a plan that we never hear about. positives: -Cheney good speaker, seems rational. Did best with the limited amount of arsenal that he had. -Edwards, the Roy Jones of politics, crazy hand work, taunts opponents , quick combacks, gets the last word. didn't hold back. i personally feel this debate was better than the last. 6-4 Edwards
  11. -they call you at all the wrong times and talk about complete nonsense and then think that you are lying when someone calls on the other line and you have to click over. - they remember every single word that comes out of your mouth and every occasion but have a hard time remembering simple instructions. - they always want you to come with them to the salon so you can look like a complete jackass while they gossip about other people.
  12. this may not apply to your situation but the first time im in the bed with a girl i've just met or have known for a bit it seems like there is a trigger or button that you have to push before you can pop the puss. Its as if you have to find out the ritual that they are use to before having sex. Be it cuddling,getting naked before they do, sucking on tits, or whatever. I dont know how it is for eveyone but this happens to me all the time. For instance, this one girl i meet earlier this summer kept playing mind games with me the first time we had sex. She's sitting on my bed,we cuddle ,she starts talking about sex, things get touchy,i play it smooth for a bit then i go to take the panties off and then she says no. I get off of her, she pulls me back as if we were playing a guessing game or something. Cuddle , talk, go for panties, and same thing.This goes on for a bit until she finally tells me she wants me to kiss her slowly all over and put on some rnb music before we can do the deed. I'm like why didn't you just tell me that from the gate or at least give me better hints.
  13. CORONER dont you think that by bombing buildings thats actually hurting more than helping ? Also the fact that the people who cause or sponsor these attacks claim that they love and respect Islam so its kinda hard for some people to not have a negative view towards the religion. And in a strange way the terrorists are helping Bush more than hurting him because these attack just make people from the Middle East seem like savages. Which gives Bush more support cause it creates fear, which he needs to get reelected so he can pass more bills under our noses and get all robocop in the middle east.
  14. i really dont see what these fundamentalists gain from these attacks. Sure you kill a couple of people but you really dont solve anything and it just brings more negative attention towards Islam. In return you just end up penalizing muslims around the world and causing fighter Jets to turn young children into collateral damage. I really dont get these guys, for their personal objectives they are willing to sacrafice the lives of thousands of there own people just so that the West lives in fear. Its so fucking ridiculous. Funny thing is it kinda reminds of Bush.
  15. like villian said Chechnya is too valueable to Russia so there will be no independent Chechnya any time soon. And Chechnians? know this thats why they've been so desperate lately. It seems sick and it is, but when you can't beat a giant you gotta kick him in the nuts. It's just like every other fucked up situation in our fucked up little world where both parties have blood on their hands. Villain whats so special about living like Native Americans? Not to hate on them but did they not enslave and beef with one another like everybody else?
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