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  1. If you can find a reasonably priced Martin, I recomend that. I've got a 1948 Martin Acoustic and a 'merican Strat (year?) G-Tar is rad.
  2. old grey tshirt old tight jean jacket white belt old tight faded jeans blue all stars shaggy hair beer in hand fuckit
  3. That song reads like it was transcribed by an english-as-a-second-language student.
  4. Green Tshirt Blue Northface shell jacket polka dot boxers faded ass jeans taken in at the sides so they fit hellatighter. pink/white/grey striped socks ipath grasshoppers On my person: IPod (Kool Keith right now) Cherry Chapstick Keys Wallet today needs to end faster.
  5. Absolutely filthy jeans Absolutely filthy grey tshirt Grey new balances. Filthy? Absolutely. Relatively clean socks... hmm... It's been more than a week since I washed my hair. We'll be right back. I need to change. I hope the fucking mail comes soon. Aaargghh... morning manual labor sucks.
  6. http://www.hieroglyphics.com/ I'm pretty sure you can't spell. But at least you used the letter K in that post. That's a start. Sheesh.
  7. that coolkicks site sells fake jordans. whoopedydoo... I'm so over shoes. Slippers, they're so hot right now...
  8. Teal blue Umbro soccer shorts black and white polkadot Polo boxers nice black undershirt pink/white/grey striped socks tan nubuck adidas stan smiths swiss digi-camo hat by SUPREME tortoiseshell aviators and a face full of stubble.
  9. As of right nowww... white fred perry polo navy blue/orange snorkel jacket beat up jeans from thrift**** pink/grey/white striped socks white adidas stan smiths sipping coffee at 5:30 at night. I think I want to be an actor. or a chef. ??
  10. Day 2... Grey undershirt Green Diesel sweatshirt Levis Engineered jeans flower print boxer shorts marled hippie socks tan nubuck adidas stan smiths Pochettes... Keys 3 Lime tic tacs wallet HUF business card lucky Acorn wurd
  11. Tailored beat up jeans from an unnamed source banana republic boxers with cameras all over them Grey undershirt (in pile nearby) dark red sweater Vintage Levis jacket green canvas bag Pockets... Tortoiseshell sunglasses Lime tic-tacs keys wallet BR chapstick Recipe for something or other cell phone
  12. Happy birthday nugguh. You got mail, but I think you said you were going to change your address or some shit.
  13. It's really unfortunate when people identify themselves by what kind of music they listen to. It just makes you sound grasping and bloody well useless. Sorry. 0.03
  14. Actually, if you looking for super tight cowboy Levis, you probably want 517s. I'm so over explaining the concept of pants that FIT to people. Stop hating. TIGHTPANTSMAFIA BLINGER BLINGER DRINKYCROW: HIATUS ENDED
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