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  1. Watching the pizza show on viceland. Just went of jail for graffiti and evading arrest the other day.
  2. Watching epicly later'd Andrew Reynolds on vice tv
  3. Mangia's in Austin does those upside down chicago style pizzas where the toppings are on bottom then the cheese then the sauce. Shits dope
  4. @Kultsyea it apart of the black mirror series. I tried like 15 mins of it and quit. Never really gave it that much of a chance
  5. Any body tried that multiple ending, path choosing movie on netflix recently. Bandersnatch is what it ls called i think
  6. Drinking a beer/ watching skateboard vids0
  7. Hey cardboard condo cheer. Just trying to check in and maybe post some more.
  8. I left this forum for a few years but yall still have a bunch of the same threads up ?
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