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Everything posted by tomcruisemom'sshoes

  1. Wow...pretty speechless. Crazy how many talented men and women are behind bars. I have a buddy doing life in florida and he's one of the smartest most gifted persons I know. Just fucked around and got himself in a bad situation. Thanls for sharing this I really enjoyed looking at these.
  2. Had to pick up the new 4s today. Always a nice shoe to have
  3. Drinking coffee, trying to wake up before I head to class.
  4. Post some more d.c flicks people. Such a dope city
  5. When i was in chicago i enjoyed seeing Noteef, Rkelly, and toejam
  6. 10 days into winter and its nice like that, hell yeah. Its not even summer here yet and its 92 fucking degrees right now. Sweating my balls off
  7. Wishing trump would have got shot today while he was visiting my city.
  8. Its suppose to mean you are the only "one" writing that name. But in this case this toy isn't aware that there's multiple people that write faze
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