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  1. Zipgun in Santa Monica, California.
  2. SRA on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California.
  3. "HOD Blades" by Stab and "Rising Sun" by Metal Man Ed at the Oakland Terminal Gallery in West Oakland, California.
  4. "From westgate of Babylon" - Spie in San Francisco, California. 2006
  5. Kufue and Smurf in Downtown Oakland, California. 2013.
  6. Dez Einswell and Slick in Los Angeles, California.
  7. Baker x Neckface skateboard
  8. Nisha Sembi's installation for the "Of the Love & Riots" art exhibition at the Sol Collective in Sacramento, California.
  9. Jujurocs

    OSH PT

    Searius in East Oakland, California.
  10. Satyr in the 'Loin...
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