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  1. Defie, Cheze, Rome, and Quake in San Francisco, California
  2. Satyr, Roar, Rome 'n them in West Oakland...
  3. Checkout Suitable 4 Framin' zine here: https://suitable4framin.bigcartel.com/category/zines
  4. Aloy, Lango, Trav, Steel, Eklips, Rime, Jurne, Push, & Persue in West Oakland, California
  5. Resn8 in Berkeley...
  6. This is a good one t-sh One of my favorite books on t-shirt graphics. This particular book documents t-shirts from Upper Playground from 1999 to 2009. The works featured in this 10 year anniversary edition are cutting edge to say the least. Many of the artists have been featured on Upper Playground apparel, others have been exhibited at the countless shows, events and parties staged each year in the Upper Playground store and gallery. Artists featured in this 10th Anniversary edition include Rob Abeyta Jr., Aiko, Alex One, Amaze, Armsrock, Augor, Herbert Baglione, Will Barras, Basco, Bast, Bigfoot, Blade, Mark Bode, Boogie, Tiffany Bozic, David Choe, Richard Colman, Coro, Cope, Craola, Cum, Cycle, Dalek, Date Farmers, Daze, Dr. Lakra, Dug 1, Nate Van Dyke, Eine, El Mac, David Ellis, Ron English, Ewok, Faile, Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, Blaine Fontana, Ghost, Mike Giant, Grey, Grotesk, Maya Hayuk, Hera, Logan Hicks, Aaron Horkey, Andy Howell, Cody Hudson, Hydro 74, Paul Insect, Iz the Wiz, Jo Jackson, Rich Jacobs, Andy Jenkins, Jeremeyville, Joker, JR, Denis Kennedy, Dave Kinsey, Augustine Kofie, Koralie, Henry Lewis, Anthony Lister, London Police, Marok, Mars-1, Mario Martinez, Patrick Martinez, Masa, Matzu, Maxx 242, Mear One, Mr. Jago, Morning Breath, Andy Mueller, Munk One, Nome, Nunca, Saelee Oh, Estevan Oriol, Alex Pardee, Chris Pastras, Phase 2, Ricky Powell, Raza Uno, Retna, Revok, Revolt, Albert Reyes, Saber, Dave Schubert, Seak, Sickboy, Michael Sieben, Chris Silva, Skinner, Slick, Damon Soule, SSUR, Stash, Tofer, Ben Tour, Urban Medium, Usugrow, Vitche, Zephyr and many more. Hardcover: 612 pages Full Color irt graphics by various artists....
  7. Jujurocs


    Reyes in San Francisco, California...
  8. Mark Bode, Done, King 157, Kufue, Mesngr, Mine, Remio, TDK, THR, VLOK, VTS at the Oakland Terminal Gallery in West Oakland, CA...
  9. Defeat White Supremacy by Refa at the Joyce Gordon Gallery in downtown Oakland, California.
  10. Ras Terms and Hyder in Berkeley...
  11. Mixed media on cardboard....
  12. Jujurocs


    Quake handstyle...
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