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Everything posted by anybody_wanna_chestnut?

  1. Stressed the fuck out chain smoking new ports. Anxious as fuck and depressed as fuck. I'm itchin like a mother fucker. Not withdrawals or nothin. Just a one time relapse...it's just the anxiety that's fuckin killin me right now. Can't eat sleep or nothin. Fuck.
  2. Inj thanks. Fell asleep mid tag on a bench with the marker in my hand. CDs charge graffiti charge. It wouldn't be terrible except its not the first time for any of these charges. I'm super depressed now like how could I be so dumb. Not to mention all the work I put in went to waste. Don't relapse. Shits so not worth it.
  3. So I relapsed yesterday and got arrested. Fuck.
  4. shoot me a pm. the more numbers the better
  5. thats fuckin insane. people are really hurtin and these vultures are tryin to get paid. good looks I.R. im tryin not to loose my mind...watchin the walking dead in a crowded ass starbucks right now. stores are still not taking credit...cash only..and i only got credit at the moment. fuuuuuuuuu not to mention its nice as fuck out. 1 fuckin day of storm fucked everything up so bad its retarted
  6. yeah people are doin that shit around here. still no power. still no train
  7. I can't believe people post shit like that and take pictures like that and share it with the world. Faggot shit.
  8. Getting addicted to a drug like heroin is like a frog and boiling water. If you put s frog in a pot of cool water and put it on the stove, he will sit in there and boil to death. If you put a frog in boiling water....it will jump out immediately. When you do a drug like that the addiction gets progressively worse and you don't realize it, like the first frog. But if you had never done drugs before and thru yourself into that life style...you'd freak out and realize it was a terrible way to go, like the second frog. I dont know you but your story seems interesting and you seem very likable. As a recovering addict myself your story, what little I know, gives me some hope... Especially right now with this bullshit hurricane aftermath I'm dealing with, I really wanna fuckin drink. But a drink is never just a drink for me. I'm somewhat of a collector of DIY zines' / punk zines', would def like to get my hands on a copy of yours if you wanna do a trade or something.
  9. Mah nigga. Still no power. Stores around me arent taking credit cards and the ATMs are dried up....stores are running out of staples like bread and milk. Shit is fucked up in this town. NJ transit still down and they don't know when it will be back running. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  10. Yeah Obama said they were gonna have Newport rations for everyone...where they they at? And what happened to the two piece and a biscuit rations? I'm waiting Obama.
  11. Stza is a fuckin jerk off. Met the dude a few times and he always acted like a complete dick. Does that heart tattoo say fuck you? I got a tat in the same spot of a Teddy bear holding a heart and it says fuck you. Stop jackin my swag.
  12. Saw Henry Rollins live last night. Dude talked straight for 2 1/2 hours. Mad cool dude. Dint think I'd make it cuz of gas rations. Only had to wait a hour to fill up.
  13. Things are really fucked. My parents have no power still. My girl had a whole week off of work. NJ transit is still down where I am stores are running out of everything. Can't find a pack of newports to save my life. Jersey shore is devastated. Fuckin bullshit storm only lasted a day. Just got Internet back but I'm sure it'll cut out in a minute. Fuck.
  14. Damn. Everything's all good where I'm at...south orange NJ...but does anyone kno what's goin on in Newark? I got close friends there I haven't heard for. Couldn't really find any info on google. Thanks if anyone knows what's up.
  15. Yeah this shit really ain't bad right now. Just bummed trains ain't runnin and I'm stuck inside
  16. I'm supposed to be in the middle of it now...it's windy. Not even rainin tho...in jersey that is
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