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  1. I'd be all over this thread if I was back home. Been in Canada for a minute, gotta pay the queen $20 just to fart.
  2. I lived in Kihei, Maui when I was a kid. They don't fuck around, especially if you're a haole mainlander. If you don't bring anything to the table and can't prove yourself in a fight, you're gonna have a rough fucking time. Take up knitting, get really good at being invisible. It took me a couple beat downs before they let me hang out at the youth center. I never wanted to leave.
  3. I try really hard to pretend I'm interested in my coworkers apex legends battle stories, but then a that's crazy slips then I feel bad and shit. I sympathize since I like rambling about lame shit too.
  4. I'm sure the trail of chicken scratch to my childhood home is still there.
  5. I have to do a tattoo in 5 mins and I forgot to take a dump. Living my best life.
  6. I got ghosted on again. I told her I was gonna shower.
  7. Reference noted. Never enough arrows. The name rings a bell. Probably back in 06 when I was an unaware shit posting douche master. Now I'm just aware. Yay.
  8. Naw I'm just some old has been that works night shift at a gas station.
  9. That's the last of my OC, sorry for dump whoring.
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