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  1. My bisque makes your bisque look like some campbells
  2. Right after this I was told no film camera at the casino
  3. My bitch makes your bitch look like a grandma
  4. Lotta costanzas I’m the chancellor
  5. Ur cross dressin im cross country in a camper
  6. All in on that booty I’m a gambler
  7. More like squid Gaymes lol naw but the cinematography on that was fire felt like the story was a little basic, Korean stuff consistently has sick use of contrast, I know at least a few of yous lunatics have seen no sympathy for mr vengeance, classic shit
  8. mooooorrrrre than aaaaaaa penissssssss
  9. Boston - More Than a Penis
  10. 25 years later, arizona tea is still a dollar and we have the same m&m christmas commercial
  11. fun while it lasted but its good she fucked off
  12. man everyone in here talking all that cash shit about the kid must feel really dumb right now if they have a level of self awareness
  13. Being “sick” doesn’t sell slots for the coke polar bear commercials, more like the media knows what people want and show it to maximize profits
  14. Ya momma so stupid she thought Adele was a desktop computer
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