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  1. Yea the amethyst helps me navigate tough situations and the emerald connects me with my ancestors, you guys should get some crystals, the ipa is fire
  2. Slide on haters got beef imma cater that makes me an a word but it’ll b that way til vapors no biz markie shit I got it on me gotta find my car keys, rip ya heartbeat out of the dodge jeeps
  3. Lindsey Brewer is another one but she’s not as redneck the YouTube definitely helped me up my rigging game
  4. Wow this thread just turned gay and beta and gay
  5. where

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    Another one! Keep goin! This one was bigger, bolder, better
  6. Like of course they do
  7. funny to me that the country Hungry has 40% obesity
  8. Offer them a tomato sandwich
  9. Clown the shit out of them and abrasively accuse them of being a cop then if they didn’t act like a bitch I would be friendly
  10. He prolly thinks you’re a fag
  11. where


    If you’re someone who has smelly farts you are also less likely to get dementia.
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