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  1. When did this thread just turn into gay shit
  2. No I saw it, mid af dont talk shit about the homie and come in this thread posting about mid, dolt
  3. Wow I got a lot of haters but also the best thread on here lol
  4. This beef was lukewarm imp esp since i know they're homies, Lupe is nice af
  5. Its funny you little boys have political views but its ill advised
  6. Youre like a toenail in the overall spectrum stop trying to bully the homie and acting like a human hangnail this is a life lesson
  7. For what a whole win, your brain is a bruised banana don't even
  8. What does this mean lol
  9. Why are you the way you are
  10. If I was dywane wade I would castrate my kid no questions asked
  11. This threads falloff is on par with vice, you're all horrible people
  12. Get this faggot seinfuck in a pit of fire
  13. You don't see people period
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