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  1. That tree got my wood all shmeggy anway
  2. Been on that sleep for 3 hours like Kramer shit I keep saying the n word
  3. You when I hear earl I think this is fresh its gonna all the way go dumb but it kinda peters out I guess its the weed
  4. Idk if I posted this one but Jim got em on this one even tho hes kissing his mom with tongues
  5. throwback Conway got this one and it wasnt even close
  6. Fire in the booth fell the fuck off, that payola
  7. that beat is dumb reminds me of no censor, I agree with the sentiments expressed in this shit
  8. Foh, no, stay in ur lane
  9. idk the energy was a little off but cam still went in, magic Johnson syndrome
  10. Call me what you want bitch call me on my sidekick
  11. They shouldda had Bubba sparxx on the halftime show
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