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  1. Yeah, I'm happy see to VC doing well. I read an article that showed the JJ Redick was having a better season and Van Gundy was thinking about starting him over VC then he goes and drops 48. Really, the Nugs and Lakers have been doing pretty well for themselves without their studs. I really think though that the Nugs may pull the upset this season in the playoffs. Aynone know anything about trade talk? The Deadline is creepin up.
  2. Vince Carter dropped 48 last night. He dominated the CP3-less Hornets in the 2nd half.
  3. I heard there was some gun shots out there tonite?
  4. false. tpbm watched the saints win the superbowl.
  5. After Katrina we lost in the NFC Championship you fucking retard. How about you shut your fucking mouth about shit you don't know about. WHO DAT BITCH U A HATER
  6. The only thing worthwhile those dumbasses ever did.
  7. This Chris Paul-less Hornets squad vs OKC is a pretty good game.
  8. false. I do not have that privledge. tpbm needs moar tictacs
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