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  1. When Orlando gets Chris Paul we'll witness another Laker Magic finals.
  2. http://www.msg.com/blogs/charlie-zegers/chris-paul-hoping-to-force-a-trade-1.47046 This sucks for me D: but I really dont wanna keep Chris Paul if hes unhappy here because it becomes a worse situation. I guess my city won't win an NBA championship any time soon.
  3. This guy seems chill haha "So if at jerk spray paints a stucco building (so we aren't too concerned about all the raw brick in the city), we, the people, are supposed to foot the bill for that yahoo in jail for a year. I'm very much against graffiti, but Lafonta seems pretty fascistic on this one (which is not really new). Give the spraypainting jerk a month of community service washing sidewalks, not a felony conviction. This "law" will never be enforced, and when it is, it will destroy peoples lives and create hardened criminals out of jerks. Bad, Bad, Bad, stupid idea. We need to get the fines and sentences into perspective. There's a $1000 fine for littering on Esplanade and the jerky kids from Clark High School constantly throw garbage in my yard (and, no, I do not mean to say all kids form Clark are jerks- but the ones who can't put garbage in a garbage can probably are). I'd like it to stop, but I thank God that the police are not sitting around ruining these kids lives with fines too large for the office of dropping a soda can on the sidewalk. We need to stop being a society of unjust, extreme punishments which cannot afford its own rules. Mr. LaFonta, we don't need to cut off the hands of every petty thief. We should all be working towards a better, more compassionate society."
  4. I won't be mad, slightly annoyed yes, but mad nah.. I don't think they'll beat the Magic again.
  5. The Magic are cruising to a 16-0 NBA Finals victory.
  6. Magic are going undefeated into the Finals. You heard it here first.
  7. Bump Iron Ore Freya and Bordeaux
  8. My boys Marcus Thornton and Darren Collison getting some All-Rookie team recoginition.
  9. You don't know how scared I am.. haha
  10. So I hated the Saints draft.. and Brees on Madden.. Im expecting the worst.
  11. If they steal the next game I thik the Thunder can acutally do it. I so hope they do!
  12. I have a feeling that the Saints will not make the playoffs this year. I'm scared.
  13. I agree with 87.5% of this. I am going with the Thunder upset.. mainly because I like them but I am calling it.
  14. I heard that last year too... rooting for Orlando in the East.
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