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  1. descone

    just found out I have hep-c

    This is a test of some sort
  2. descone

    The official Ed Koch is dead appreciation thread

    So by your logic you had to actually have been in nazi Germany to have any sort of negative view or opinion of it. Extreme example but makes perfect sense. Oh and fuck this guy.
  3. descone


  4. descone

    GAME: True or False

    False tpbm would clean them self off if they spilled their drink all over their neck
  5. descone

    One line of a lyric that sums up how you FEEL right this second

    Whadya know, I crapped twice today
  6. descone

    random thots

    Re: random thoughts Pretty much any light does that
  7. descone

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    Be careful with that. Guy at my work had one and pulled his out and bled to death.
  8. descone

    One line of a lyric that sums up how you FEEL right this second

    I'm on the mean streets and I write with a mean streak
  9. descone

    Why are my letters obese

  10. descone

    everyday life tips and tricks

    Just started at McDonald's and my one tip for anyone thinking of working there is to be very careful not to touch the fry grease because it's kind of hot.
  11. descone

    random thots

    Re: random thoughts Death traps but no life traps?
  12. descone

    What's in your pockets?

    Medical waste
  13. descone

    Toys post here...

    the siro is nice. It's almost as if the 2 were done by different people.
  14. descone

    Toys post here...

    The parts you drew on.
  15. descone

    What's The Last Movie You Saw: The Sequel

    no dick motion pic