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Everything posted by slept_on

  1. im gonna go ahead and bump the big boy in the XXXXXXXL tee
  2. that large is def in charge..
  3. i was just reposting the picture....not trying to rope you into any allegations or discussion
  4. i found a picture of the toilet on the cougar ace
  5. thats pretty fucking bad
  6. if this thread was and object, it would be clown shoes
  7. i layed a pretty fat track next to the rails yesterday...it had a lot of corn in it
  8. good post....its all about ceilings these days
  9. anyone ever actually gotten a girl to fall for the 'just the tip' line?
  10. thats what this thread is for.....nonwriters
  11. gosh and cipe for the win
  12. most of these flicks are old as shit, which totally defeats the purpose of a 'new thread'... keep posting you and your homies shitty ass freights from 05, and ill keep going over them!:D :D
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