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  1. stop biting maser you fucking idiot!
  2. didnt post that pic, 12oz gots aids!
  3. clap clap clap fed and grift pieces are nice!
  4. that smash tag is sooo nice. everyone who knows anything knows who smoke the shoe is. its not too difficult to figure it out for yourself either considering how small ireland is.
  5. oh its from 07? that dex piece is wack.
  6. jesus, dunno what to say about that.
  7. hahaha "BUTT PIRATE" HAHAHAHA legend!
  8. man you wrote that on yourself! i saw huge blockbusters and real fresh throwups in knocknaheeny and ballybeg, will ye get flicks of those?
  9. they are giving out mazer colouring books in all major secondary schools and universities around town. check with your class rep, or just buzz into the students union before friday and you get a free mars bar.
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