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  1. So I figured out how to get the emulators and roms on and they play as shitty as I thought they would without physical buttons. Pokemon works ok with the touch screen's limitations haha. Can someone tell me where to find current app store aplications?
  2. Attempt number 6 was successful! So I now have Installer and Cydia on my screen. Aynone care to give me a quick rundown as to where to start? How to get emulators/app store apps for free etc. Also can I plug this into my mac and it will synch all my old apps?
  3. Damn 3 times and no go, though the last time was the closest (full bar got stuck on verifying restore). Crossing my fingers this time... :edit: I think it might just be my custom boot logo. (even though it DID come up on my ipod) I'll try it again with the default.
  4. So I have an iPod Touch 2g with 2.2.1 firmware. Quickpwn are dragging their collective asses to in regards to adding 2g Touch compatibility. The only option (that I know of at this time) is Quickfreedom. http://quickfreedom.com/ Here's my question. I am on a Mac and don't have access to a windows machine all the time. If I jailbreak it on a windows machine, will i still be able to synch it on my Mac? Quickfreedom is "Untethered", is that what that means? Thanks in advance for your help, sick of paying for apps!
  5. I'm not sure if I "didn't get" the movie when I 1st saw it or if it's fucking retarded. Again, I'll rewatch and see whats up.
  6. I saw this shit when it 1st came out and was fucking creeped out by it. I also saw it in another thread and had my interest piqued again, will give it another shot but at the time just seemed like some shock value crazyness.
  7. I looked for a while and eventually found it. Total noob here, what kind of bike is that? Do want.
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