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  1. ^ thats how he made krink and sells it for hella duh the old jump off ur garage trick
  2. it fucking sucks when you have to buff shit as community service,
  3. ^ what he said and pull at the same time
  4. is it a good idea to make a retarted thread? nah not really
  5. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy anddddddd.....
  6. ^your retarted and is it one of thos shake 'n' squeez thangs? twist it you bastard.
  7. 1. JA, cuz hes awesome 2. Pose, cuz hes beastly 3. buket, idk why 4, 2kan
  8. idk if its been taken buhh i write chase. umm i got the idea of it when i was reading and i found the Chas river, and i added an "e" just cuz
  9. Sure, i like the e on the first one :p
  10. ^ thats different. oh caps thread mah friend
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