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  1. i no right just fuckin make one wit TRUE and ill be gone outa here
  2. Re: writers in action! i live in poland and the scene is good a lot of good writers but must of them in lodz all right widzew (veed-zev) because thats are best football(soccer) team in warszawa(warsaw) it is mad crazy mostly do murals
  3. i already no ima get hated on but who the fuck cares just as long as i get what i need well i have 3 bombs and im lookin for somethin fresh with flow so hook me up and post the pic on here thx i write TRUE
  4. polski24

    gettin paint

    hey im polish fuck the irish
  5. i take pics on my phone nigga
  6. Wow u serious right now i actually go out and destroy shit and just plain bomb.... Ur fuckin surfin the internet for graf a shit get a life yo RICH BITCH
  7. can u bring sharpies or markers on the plane so i can draw in my blackbook i mean its a 15 hr flight so.....
  8. wat if ur goin over seas cause i have lots of paint and im movin to europe again so can i
  9. polski24

    gettin paint

    wat u smoking ill go to home depot and other places they are all locked up
  10. post up sum heaven spots that shit is mad crazy i got mad respect for those that do heaven spots
  11. polski24

    gettin paint

    come on yo dont be fuckin postin bullshit make a key ur a joke
  12. polski24

    gettin paint

    home depotand places like that gotthe paint but howthefuck do i get it if its on lockdown
  13. polski24

    gettin paint

    so im under age and now days they have cans behind cages so i have no way of gettin them so how can i get some cans wit out my parents knowing..... also is there a way of getting montana paint in stores not just online
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