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  1. stolen these letters are not great but this spot was. and if you, REK, are on this site, consider the REK that painted in DC 20+ years ago whose name you are taking ...
  2. that belev-serk tank is a classic. great spot.
  3. \ middle of nowhere chisme i found yesterday anyone got a year on this?
  4. you mad


    this shit is a carbon copy of a PUZLE KYT throw.
  5. nahhh it aint dickriding !! just conversation ... debate ... healthy discussion. socratic method 'n'at. stolen.
  6. glad some people took to the idea... i akways liked spok hands and older cover hands aswell, some had a philly influence that was novel at the time. nowadays i miss seeing debt hands as often as i used to. my all time favorites are exakto, mesk, ever, budda. mr. cast, by a "DC style hand" ... you mean similar to the 1st and 3rd handstyles in Just clarifying.
  7. 12oontz discussion time... best handstyle coming from DC, old or current ...? go.
  8. Saw a nice stamp roof from the el in west philly last weekend, still riding thats all folks
  9. liquid shout on that nise!!!
  10. cant wait for winter fuck summer
  11. this is one of my favorites on that entire line ... dope.
  12. why wouldnt it be stolen?
  13. Check it, you have three vertical letters here. I-N-T. that can be tough, doesnt have to be. by adding those stupid loopy connections you made it tough. you dont need to go hip hop silly on a hand. you can but it's hard to do well. look at the other handstyles in this thread and notice that most are pretty simple. simple is beautiful a lot of the time. using a drippy marker (that will drip vertically) when your letters are already vertical will make your rap signature look like you're retarded with no sense for lining letters up. disclaimer: i aint shit and dont ever take my word for actual advice. sorry VA thread for clogging it up with BS
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